Float Spa….say what?!?!


So have you guys heard about the new craze called the float spa?!?   Like seriously what the heck is float spa….when I think spa I think pamper me and massages, not a claustrophobic looking pod that some say looks like a toilet. After several friends went and raved about their oh so relaxing experience, I decided to look into it a bit more.   So these float pods (or pools) have like 1000 lbs of epsom salts and about 10 inches of water….wait what 1000 lbs of epsom salts???  Yes that 1000lbs of epsom salts is what makes you float and what is supposed to take you to a level of zen like you have never experienced….hmmmm this sounds a bit strange if you ask me.   Floating in a pool of water, in a pod that is as big as my bathroom (and looks like a toilet) with a lid that closes over me does not sound relaxing……like at all.  Everyone I know that has gone simply says “It is amazing, like nothing I have ever felt before so I cant even describe it”.  I was eager to prove them all crazy, but the thought that maybe just maybe this crazy float thing could help me leave all of my worries behind and help me relieve all of this crazy stress that I carry around daily (thank you corporate america and thank you kiddos) left me feeling like I had to try it.   Let me be honest though, I was terrified!   I am uber claustrophobic….like just thinking about that thing closing over me gives me a panic attack.

So fast forward about 6 months (yes it took me that long to get my nerves up) another friend posted about their amazing experience at Presence Float Center in Town and Country, MO.   It was time…..I pulled up their website this morning at around 8am and saw the only appointment time available as at 9am so I took it.   Preparing for my “zen” journey I read and re-read their website to prepare myself….pod…salt water…arrive 15 min early….shower before…pod…pod….pod…..ahhhh there was no turning back.   I arrived 15 min early and was greeted by the owner  who was super cool and so welcoming!   Seriously this guy was “zen”, so relaxed, so happy and I was thinking hmmmm did he just float?    The Float center itself was very clean and tranquil.  High loft like ceilings, a big comfy couch, some cool chairs and just a warm welcoming feeling.  He had me take off my shoes, fill out some forms, and he then walked myself and another gentlemen back to one of the rooms to walk us through float room.   When I walked in I saw the pod and immediately thought holy crap, it IS as small as it looked online and I don’t know if I can do this (insert slight a slight panic attack).  In the room there was the pod, a rain-shower with shampoo, body wash and conditioner, some ear plugs, makeup remover cloths and some towels (all the amenities you need so your really have to bring nothing which was nice).   The owner walked us through how to turn the light on and off in the pod, how to turn music on and off, explained that you must shower and wash hair (no conditioner) before you get in the pod and then he explained the “process”.   Basically when its all said and done it sounds like you will be on some amazing high (at this point I am thinking if the water isn’t drugged, I am pretty sure this girl wont be on a high lol) ….. once in the pod you turn off the light and close the pod and then you just float.   He says it will take your body some time to just let go of all the thoughts and you will teeter in and out between almost unconscious sleep and consciousness and experiencing twitching is normal.  He is positive that you will experience complete sensory deprivation and he promises in the end you will be relaxed and have a feeling like no other.   It was also highly recommended staying a few minutes afterwards to regroup and have a cup of tea on the big comfy couch but I was already thinking no way I am out of here in 60 minutes as this guy is crazy (sorry Chris).    I was pretty sure I was going to prove him wrong as there is no way this will relax me more than a massage.  So I shower, I wash my hair, I put in my ear plugs and I get in the pod….the water is the perfect temperature….very warm but not too hot.  I am feeling brave so I turn off the light and close the lid.  I keep telling myself you “can do this, its pitch black in here so you cant even see the lid” but then it started to get steamy and then I started to panic and not be able to breathe so at about 2 min in (yes I only last 2 minutes with the lid down but hey at least I tired it) I had to open the lid (which he said was perfectly ok to do).  I then calmed myself and laid back again and could not shut my brain off.  My brain ALWAYS goes a mile a minute and I was thinking about everything from the kids schedule, what I need to get done at work this week, our vacation, cleaning the house, and the one recurring thought that kept running through my head was there is no way this was going to freaking work.  I admit I was 150% a skeptic.  I would guess at about 30 min in I found my mind starting to wander to just strange relaxing thoughts like I was floating in the sky amongst millions of stars….it was WEIRD but amazing at the same time and my conscious brain was having a hard time letting my mind wander (thinking back now I am pretty sure this is because I was so adamant it was not going to work that I had my brain believing it too).   As soon as my conscious self realized I was giving in to the relaxation it would snap me back to reality and I would continue to go in and out of this zone for the last 30 minutes.   About the last 5 minutes I was really in a zone, I felt like I was floating in space and I did not want it to end.  I just wanted to lay there and soak in the nothingness of what was happening….for the first time in forever I was experiencing the epitome of relaxation and then the lights went on.   That was the fastest 60 minutes of my life and I was not ready for it to be over.  Just when my conscious brain finally gave in and allowed me to feel this zen like relaxation it was over, but the crazy part is it was just beginning!   I slowly stood up and my body was SO relaxed I felt like i was still floating and I had this weird freaking smile on my face and I just felt happy.   For a split second I thought “wait was I just drugged?” but then I quickly moved past it and let it all soak in and accepted the fact that IT FREAKING WORKED!   I had reached total Zen and it was amazing! I showered and dressed and then immediately walked out and sank into the couch, you know the one that I was so sure that I was going to pass on, and the owner brought me a cup of tea.   We talked about my experience and one by one the other 4 floaters came out of their rooms and joined us and we all shared our experience.  We were all first time floaters and we had all hit total Zen.   It was funny listening to everyone talk as we all went in not knowing what to expect and all a bit skeptical and we were all now believers.   I was happy.  I was rested. I was worry free.  I was smiling and all I really wanted to do was melt into the couch (like seriously this was the best couch ever).   We all sat for about 15 min and Chris, the owner, was telling us stories about others and his favorite are those who come in who are complete control freaks, very strong willed with strong personalities as they are the biggest skeptics and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. it works.  As this explains my husband to a T, I made an appointment for him tomorrow evening as he desperately needs to destress and let his mind just be free, if even for an hour.  As I drove home I was still on this major relaxation high and felt like I just joined a tribe or a cult of some sort but it was an awesome happy feeling.   As I was explaining the experience to my husband he of course poked fun at me and thought it was funny that I couldn’t stop smiling so I cannot wait to hear how my skeptic hubby feels after his float tomorrow.

If you have been curious about this crazy float thing….DO IT!   Don’t wait any longer.  Call tomorrow and make and appointment and then thank me when its over.  If you are in the St. Louis Area I Highly recommend Presence Float Spa in Town and Country and Please tell them Beth Lynch referred you.   I am already looking at my calendar to see when I can get my next float in…..I CANNOT WAIT!   He said the second time is even better (if that is possible) as you body and your mind now know what to expect so you will get to the feeling of utter relaxation sooner.


Thank You Presence Float Center, until next time……..


Updated to add:  OMG I had the BEST sleep ever I seriously don’t think I moved and inch which is highly unusual for me!  Combining my essential oils in my diffuser (I use Young Living only….Lavender and Valor for sleep) along with my float experience had me sleeping like a baby!   I started using essential oils over 3 years ago and they have been life changing for myself and my family but I am going to take my whole body wellness now to an even higher level and start incorporating monthly floats too!  I still feel amazing and relaxed today (over 24 hours later).   If you want more information on how to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine please let me know as I would be happy to share my experience!

B. Lynch

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